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Come and visit coastal Oregon and stay at one of the most spectacular private venues in the United States.

Located on 72 private Pacific oceanfront acres, SeaWinds Estate is sure to impress. Natural. Dramatic. Unique. Spectacular. Awe-inspiring.

The estate overlooks the ocean from a magnificent 200’ promontory. The driveway wanders for more than a mile through old growth Pine and mighty Sequoia. Lush fern and glimpses of the Pacific can be seen on the way to the estate, where guests will feel completely alone with nature. Intense privacy awaits.

Gaze at the water. Go to the beach. Watch the whales. Walk the grounds. Explore the nooks and crannies from the trails cut throughout. Take in the scenery from one of the stone benches you’ll discover around the property. The picture always changes. End the day watching the sunset while enjoying a roaring fire in the huge stone fireplace.

SeaWinds Estate is Oregon’s Premier destination venue, ideal for small weddings, corporate retreats, family gatherings, or the discerning traveler seeking complete solitude. It’s also a great spot for golfers, as world-class Bandon Dunes golf resort is only 15 minutes away. The nearby town of Bandon offers fine restaurants, eclectic art galleries and shopping. Countless state parks are within a short drive. A drive along Highway 101, south of Port Orford, offers beautiful views of Oregon’s craggy coastline.

The Estate sleeps up to 20 and is available as a vacation rental starting at $995/nt. Event pricing differs.

We want to create an experience.

Welcome to SeaWinds Estate!

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Welcome to SeaWinds Estate!
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