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Langlois Market


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About Us

Nestled in the heart of a tranquil countryside, this beloved small rural market stands as a gastronomic haven. Renowned for its mouthwatering hotdogs and an array of sandwiches that cater to diverse tastes, the market beckons locals and travelers alike. The rustic charm extends to a curated selection of beers, both local and international, complemented by shelves stocked with basic staples for everyday needs.They also feature fantastic local grass fed beef steak, burgers, and jerky.
A vibrant local veggie case proudly displays the season's freshest produce, celebrating the region's agricultural bounty.

Adjacent to the market, a liquor store offers a diverse range of spirits, with the added allure of growler sales, inviting patrons to savor the essence of this charming locale.

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  • World Famous Hot Dogs
  • Sandwiches, burgers, ice cream
  • Basic Staples, local veggie case
  • Liquor Store & Growler sales