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Bandon's Harbortown Events Center is very pleased to announce that we are helping to host Artula Institute for the Arts and Environmental Education's “Washed Ashore Project,” as an extended event in our central Old Town Bandon location.
This means we will not be able to book individual events for this year, and we will very much miss working with all our dedicated and creative clients.
We feel that “The Washed Ashore Project” will be a terrific boon for the City of Bandon as it attracts worldwide interest, increased tourist activity and engages the community in stimulating and interesting environmental art and education programs, found in their workshops, displays and creative events.
Many individuals and organizations have worked hard to make this wonderful opportunity occur, and we ask that you please join us in celebrating the advent of the “Washed Ashore Project” in Beautiful Old Town Bandon by the Sea!''


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